Valentine’s Day – Hype or Help?

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I can’t count the number of couples I talk to who choose not to celebrate Valentine’s Day. They say it’s just another day where Hallmark, florists and chocolate companies are trying to get us to give them what’s in our wallets. Such a cynical view, even if it’s true.

So let’s unpack this idea. First we’ll talk about the hype and the excuses people give to NOT celebrate February 14th:

It’s a fact there are companies who hope to increase their profits on those who take part in celebrating Valentine’s Day. They spend lots of money on marketing to convince us of our need to do this. This is the American way, and we can choose to take part or not. 

On the other hand, good relationships don’t need to buy a card to help make their marriage better or stronger. No purchased item can do this, even if the commercials tell you differently.

Valentine’s Day has become commercialized, so has Christmas for that matter, but we don’t throw the holiday away as a result. We choose to celebrate it in the way that is most meaningful to our family. Why not do the same with Valentine’s Day? Having one day to focus on your love, or two if you celebrate your anniversary, isn’t a bad thing. It can be a very good thing–not only for you, but more importantly for those who are close to you watching your marriage.

I remember years ago when I was planning a romantic Valentine dinner for Tom here in our home. Our daughter had a friend over, and she commented how affected she was by seeing the excitement we had over sharing this night together in a romantic way. Had we not taken part she would have still known we loved each other because we’re still together. But how much better it is for her to see us making an effort to enjoy our own Valentine dinner. She may have forgotten that night if we were just home doing what we always do. But because we did something special for the two of us–she’ll most likely remember it and hopefully it will even have an effect on her own marriage.

See, our marriage isn’t just about us. It’s about the example we provide to a watching world of Christ’s love for the church. Now whether of not we celebrate Valentine’s Day has no bearing on how genuine our love is. Please don’t hear me say that! But February 14th is a great opportunity to put the beauty of marriage–your marriage on display to those who are closest to you. And it can be a lot of fun! ❤

Finally, we want to share this year’s Hallmark commercial with you. If you were to ignore the fact that they’re wanting you to buy something, you’ll hear a powerful message about lasting love and commitment through all the seasons of life together. Let’s let the light of our love shine brightly this Valentine’s Day. Even if the only ones who will see it call you, Mommy and Daddy.


It’s not too late to take part in our Valentine’s Day Challenge.

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6 Responses to Valentine’s Day – Hype or Help?

  1. I always wonder why folks bother with VDay. It’s as if doing something special on that day absolves one from being a “mentsch” the other 364….
    Show em you love em. Show em you care- each and every day.


    • Debi Walter says:

      Roy, of course we must show them all the other days, but some want to exclude this day because they think it’s too commercial. I say celebrate it in a way that is meaningful to the two of you, not to how society says you should. It’s good to hear from you! Happy February 12th! 🙂


  2. Alecia says:

    Love the commercial! Did you see our post at Marriage Life? Great minds think alike 🙂


  3. amber says:

    Amen! Because of the Army my husband and I have spent Valentines Day apart for 4 years but we still celebrate it. This year he is on the range. BUMMER! But I slipped a wrapped homemade gift into his pocket to discover and noted to not open until Vday. I don’t care about how companies want us to view Vday as and buy whatever, all I care about is taking the opportunity that day brings to focus on the love I have for my husband. Every other day you can speak out against “the man” so why not take that special day to honor “your man”?


    • Debi Walter says:

      We’re sorry you’ll have to be apart for another year. But we absolutely LOVE your commitment to make the best of it. Hats off to you and “your man.”


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