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The Valentine‚Äôs Day Attitude Of A Healthy Marriage

Today is Valentine’s Day. Rather than talk about the romance of it all, Gary Thomas shares how to adjust our attitude so we’re not disappointed when our spouse doesn’t do or say something we were hoping they would. He calls … Continue reading

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Valentine’s Day – Hype or Help?

I can’t count the number of couples I talk to who choose not to celebrate Valentine’s Day. They say it’s just another day where Hallmark, florists and chocolate companies are trying to get us to give them what’s in our … Continue reading

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14 Ways To Bless Your Spouse This Valentine’s Day

We want to give you the heads up about our “Get Your Romance On” (GYRO) Date Night Challenge for Valentine’s Day. The idea is to give your spouse the gift of 14 dates beginning the week after Valentine’s Day and … Continue reading

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Backwards Date Night Idea

This year on Valentines Day we did something we’ve never done before–we had a backwards date night. Here’s how it works: Write your love a invitation backwards so they have to use a mirror to read what you’ve written. Tell … Continue reading

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Love is…Patient

We are re-posting the “Love-Is” posts we did back in the Spring of 2010. It is still one of our most popular series, and well worth revisiting. With Valentines Day only two weeks away, these posts will help us remember … Continue reading

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