6 Last Minute Valentines Ideas To The Rescue

There are couples who go all out for Valentines Day because they enjoy it. Whether you spend a ridiculous amount of money to dine out with the crowds (hardly romantic in my humble opinion), or maybe you buy stereotypical gifts because that’s what you are told you’re supposed to do. Valentines Day does not have to be a major expense. In fact, you can do it for no cost at all.

Thoughtful Valentine Ideas that are FREE:

1. Write a note to your sweetie on the mirror in your bathroom so they see it first thing in the morning. Or cover the mirror with red hearts using lipstick.

2. Send your spouse a secret message throughout the day by texting one word each hour. Send them out of order so they have no idea what you are saying until they unscramble the words at the end of the day. You could tell them what you want to do with them after the kids are in bed. You could tell them what you are making for a special dinner. Or you could make it a coupon to be redeemed at a later date. The key is to make it something that will make your spouse smile with anticipation.

3. Using red construction paper cut out hearts, then write out an attribute you love about your spouse on each heart. Tape them all over the house or the inside of their car. You could even hide them letting them find them throughout the day or following week. Make it easier on yourself and use Post-It Notes.

4. Send your spouse the lyrics to a love song along with the link for them to listen to it on You Tube.

5. Go for a drive outside the city after dark. Find a place to park. Take a blanket and sit on the hood of your car (or bring folding chairs) and look up for shooting stars. If you can’t afford a babysitter, take the kids with you. It is good for our children to see us doing romantic things together we enjoy.

6. Watch movie clips on You Tube to make each other laugh. See who can make the other laugh the hardest.

These are a few easy ideas to let your spouse know how much they mean to you. Taking the extra effort on days like this gives them something special on which to think.


This is our sixth post for our National Marriage Week Challenge to post each day leading up to Valentine’s Day. #NationalMarriageWeek2019

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2 Responses to 6 Last Minute Valentines Ideas To The Rescue

  1. My wife will spend Valentine’s Day
    at work and with a friend
    in hospital, who sees no way
    that her life will ever mend.
    She’ll arrive home at ten
    exhausted and in pain,
    eat and sleep and rise and then
    do it all again.
    We are not made for celebration
    nor for mere romance
    our lives are meant for consecration
    by Jesus, Lord Of The Dance.
    For love of us, in Passion grim,
    He asks that we might live for Him.


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