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Your Story Is Your History

Sitting on our porch at Barefoot Cabin I had the thought—how many days have we shared since we were married? One of the best parts of Google is being able to find the answer quickly to such random questions. We … Continue reading

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Do You Know Alfred Mosher Butts?

I didn’t until now. But you most certainly know what he created 71 years ago. My favorite board game of all time–Scrabble. That’s right, Mr. Butts was an out-of-work architect who decided to combine his love of crossword puzzles with … Continue reading

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One Of My Favorite Things

I love discovering the story behind songs I love. Tor Constantino, a friend we have come to know through blogging, asked his FB friends to share their favorite Christmas Carol. I was surprised at how many chose my favorite song … Continue reading

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Happy 4th of July

Today is known as America’s Independence Day. What if we were to celebrate today by remembering our Dependence on one another and on God to make our marriage what He desires it to be? Let’s be grateful today for such … Continue reading

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Mark Your Calendar

Eight months ago Tom took me away for our 32nd anniversary. The plan was to spend a couple of days playing golf at a beautiful course in south Orlando. You may remember we had to go from Plan A to … Continue reading

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