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Uncovering 5 Practices Detrimental To Marriage: The Question Behind The Question

Stop signs are there for our protection and the safety of those around us. They help us know when to stop, think, observe, then proceed with caution. Can you imagine a world without STOP signs? Where everyone can proceed full-speed-ahead … Continue reading

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Are You Making This Mistake In Your Marriage?

  You had a long talk about a goal you both want to accomplish. Plans are set in place to see the goal reached. As the first few steps are taken you realize the goal you had didn’t quite match … Continue reading

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Lingering And It’s Effects On Marriage

Linger… …The simple definition is to stay in a place longer than necessary, typically because of a reluctance to leave.  I’ve been thinking about this word lately and the impact it has made on my life. I love to linger in the … Continue reading

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It’s Complicated

You may wonder what I’m talking about with the title of today’s post. Actually, I’m talking about life. We have been in an extended season of change and challenges. There are no easy answers, only learning to adjust to a … Continue reading

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Saying It

Tom surprised me this past weekend and bought tickets to see Chaim Topol’s fairwell tour of Fiddler On The Roof – one of my all-time favorite musicals.  When the house lights dimmed, the stage came to life with this timeless … Continue reading

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