Step Up To Greatness

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President George H.W. Bush has been honored well in his death by family, friends and even foes. I’m grateful that we, as Americans, haven’t lost our dignity in showing honor to whom honor is due. It has been refreshing to hear uplifting tributes to our 41st president no matter which side of the aisle you stand.

The Washington Post quoted the following about President Bush and his passion to see a manned mission to Mars succeed.

In 1990, President Bush urged his fellow Americans “to step forth with the will that the moment requires. Don’t postpone greatness. History tells us what happens to nations that forget how to dream.

How we view life has a huge impact on how we live. And how we live impacts those we love.

One thing our 41st President did well was love his wife, Barbara for 73 years.

Photo Source: The Washington Post

They were a team and no one could deny it. His vision for reaching Mars was inspiring yet never fulfilled. His vision for being committed to a life-long love to Barbara was not only attained but flourished.

How willing are we to “step forth with the will that the moment requires” in our marriages?

  • It could be an uncomfortable conversation that needs to take place.
  • It may be we need to give in and let our spouse have their way in the matter.
  • Maybe we don’t have to prove our point.
  • Let the conflict diminish by overlooking the offense.
  • Have the will to think of your spouse as more important than winning the fight.

The time to have a great marriage isn’t at the end of life. It is found in the day to day choices we make toward greatness. “Don’t postpone it,” as H.W. advised. Today is ripe with opportunities for greatness.

He ends with the reminder of what happens to nations who forget how to dream. We have courtrooms full of marriages that have forgotten how to dream as well. How you think and act today will be the foundation your marriage is built upon in the years and decades to come. May we all follow President Bush’s advice in our marriages and step up to greatness! It is a privilege to take part in his lasting legacy of enduring love.

President Bush, Thank you for the example your marriage provides us. May you Rest In Peace.

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