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Step Up To Greatness

President George H.W. Bush has been honored well in his death by family, friends and even foes. I’m grateful that we, as Americans, haven’t lost our dignity in showing honor to whom honor is due. It has been refreshing to … Continue reading

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Until Death Parts Us

I am emotional and have often been led astray by them. I’m grateful for the influence my husband has had on me in this area of my life. He has helped me see that my emotions aren’t bad; they are … Continue reading

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Time Wins Every Time

Yesterday was the day my grandmother died in 1979. She was 90. I was 19, and I miss her still. This is why I’ve written her story in an historic novel which will soon be published–praying by the summer’s end. … Continue reading

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Legacy of Marriage

We do well to take thought of how our marriage and our commitment to it influences the lives and choices our children and their children will make. Today was her day for all of her 90 years. My grandmother was … Continue reading

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