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Are You A Weed-Puller Or A Weed-Ignorer?

I’m sitting at my computer and I can hardly move. Why? Because I spent and hour and a half weeding my garden this morning before it got too hot. Every time I weed I wonder why it is that I … Continue reading

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Meet The Gardners

Have you ever heard your spouse talk about someone over and over, but never had the chance to meet them? Someone they had met before you were together? You’ve heard so much about them that it’s almost like you know … Continue reading

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Companion or Foe?

I love my flower garden. If we had the space I think I would love a vegetable garden too, but we opted for a backyard pool instead. Yet I still love to read about growing a garden. In fact, this … Continue reading

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Add Some Spring Romance In Your Step

                                  In case you haven’t heard, today is the first day of Spring! Why not adapt a new tradition; celebrate in a special way with … Continue reading

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When The Storm Passes

Last weekend one of the worst weather systems we’ve ever seen marched across the south and midwest like a fierce army.  There wasn’t much anyone could do except hide and pray.  Entire towns were swept from the landscape like debris. … Continue reading

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How Are You at Reckoning

Our time away is nearly over. It has been good to pull away, to talk, to be silent, to shop, to laugh, to sleep, to…well, you get the idea. It has been good {period}. 🙂 We were driving today from … Continue reading

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