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Super Moon Day

Many couples were able to enjoy the phenomenon on Saturday night together. It was the closest the moon would be to the earth this year and coincided with the full moon, making what NASA scientists call a Super Moon. And … Continue reading

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Happy Hour

Here are the posts we deem as Specials of the Week for your weekend enjoyment! Encourage Your Spouse Encouraging Words: Bless – How do you use this word…bless your heart. Read this for some southern inspiration. 🙂 Intimacy In Marriage … Continue reading

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Spiritual Intimacy

Today is the National Day of Prayer. It was established on the first Thursday in May beginning in 1988 by President Reagan when he signed it as a law in order to help America pause and consider the true source … Continue reading

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Sex vs. Sexual Intimacy

Everyone is doing it, or so it would appear based on what television and Hollywood portray on a daily basis. But there is a huge difference between sex and sexual intimacy. Animals have sex for the sole purpose of procreating. … Continue reading

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It Takes Time To Make Time

Before we were married it took no effort at all to plan our next date. We wanted to be together as much as our time would allow. But once we were married this began to gradually change; it had to. … Continue reading

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Have  you ever lost something precious to you? I have–just this past weekend as a matter of fact. I lost my journal. It’s ironic after posting about my journal-writing last week, to realize I had no idea where it was. … Continue reading

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