Five Friday Favorites – Difficult Topics in Marriage

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So often in marriage the way the enemy works against us it to make us uncomfortable talking about important topics. The only way to counter this attack is to do the difficult thing and talk about them. We are privileged to be part of founding the Christian Marriage Bloggers Association. We worked with five other marriage bloggers who we have included in the following list. They have done some of the hard work for you in writing about these difficult subjects. We pray their words will help you find your words to discuss these things, if needed, in your marriage.

1. A Wife’s Cycle

It’s That Time Of Month – Kate Aldrich with One Flesh Marriage, shares her perspective on this topic.

3 Reasons You Need To Befriend Your Wife’s Cycle – Brad Aldrich, Kate’s husband, shares his thoughts on Kate’s post.

2. Sexual Pleasure

Pleasure And Fun Rolled Into One – Scott Means with Heaven Made Marriage, shares the importance of not only discussing what pleasures you together as husband and wife, but he also offers some excellent resources to help you get started.

3. Sexual Confidence

You Build Sexual Confidence, You Aren’t Born With It – Julie Sibert with Intimacy in Marriage, discusses the importance confidence plays in our sexual intimacy. If you or your spouse struggles in this area we encourage you to start the conversation by reading her post together.

4. Forgiveness, Giving and Receiving

Forgiving Brings Freedom – Paul Byerly with The Generous Husband, discusses the importance of understanding what forgiveness is and how to extend it to our spouse. If you are carrying past hurts in your heart toward your spouse, please make the time to discuss this. Ignoring the offense won’t make it go away.

Forgiveness – Lori Byerly with The Generous Wife, discusses what unforgiveness is like and how it puts a death grip on the one who has offended you.

5. Disagreements

Politics, Disagreements and Relational Damage – Chris Taylor with The Forgiven Wife, discusses what it is like facing disagreements in marriage. This post is about politics as an example (she and her husband don’t agree politically), but the overarching theme of the post is how to handle disagreements in an agreeable manner. If you struggle with regular disagreements that never seem to be resolved, please read this and begin the hard work of talking about it.


That’s it for this week. If you have other difficult topics in your marriage that you would like us to address on The Romantic Vineyard, please submit your request to our email address. You will remain anonymous should we decide to write about your topic.

Have a romantic weekend with the love of your life!

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1 Response to Five Friday Favorites – Difficult Topics in Marriage

  1. We’ve got a real hard topic,
    with strong-felt rights and wrongs,
    and that is just how to pick
    my funerary songs.
    My wife is sentimental,
    while I’m a Metal Beast,
    she wants instrumentals,
    and I want the rock released.
    She wants to see the grief expressed,
    but I think the folks should party.
    Why should they be all depressed
    and not be hale and hearty?
    But I think I’ll let her have her way,
    because it is her grieving day.


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