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Secret Garden Of Pride

The last two posts have dealt with besetting sins and our need to disclose them to our spouse for help and hope in overcoming them. How You Deal With This Will Either Make Or Break Your Marriage 8 Principals To … Continue reading

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8 Principals To Follow In Dealing With Habitual Sins

I recently read an excellent article, Dealing With Habitual Sins, by John McArthur. He expounds on eight principals needed to lay aside the sin that so easily entangles us. Treat your sin seriously. It dishonors God. It abuses mercy. It despises … Continue reading

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The Discouragement Of Besetting Sin

Our pastor shared something recently that has stuck with me. It’s regarding the idea that we are called as Christians to crucify the flesh with all its passions. While most well-taught Christians get this, we don’t all go after our … Continue reading

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