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Are You Hangry?

Hangry is a combination of two words–hungry and angry. Anger often has the same appetite of hunger. It craves what it doesn’t have and results in a harsh outburst. Ugly. James 4 says, “1What causes quarrels and what causes fights … Continue reading

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Vintage Post – Meekness: Think Before You React Part 2

Nancy continues to encourage us… Now, there’s balance in all of this because there are things we stuff that we need to say, and there are things we say that we ought to stuff. Discernment and the control of the Spirit helps us … Continue reading

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Trigger Words Of Grace (Vintage Post)

I haven’t reached back into our archives to find a post worth re-posting in a while. So with our post Wednesday about Anger, I thought the following on Trigger Words would be a good follow-up. This was first published on … Continue reading

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Anger Crouching At The Door

Anger. It crouches at the door of marriage and seeks a way to attack. If we’re not aware of its intent, we could be assaulted without knowing what hit us until the damage has been done. It’s claws come in … Continue reading

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Time To Pull Back The Curtain

Today I want to continue our conversation over a cup of coffee. You see, there are things that God has recently taken me through that I believe will help those of you who may be facing a similar challenge in … Continue reading

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On Patience

Patience is a fruit of the Spirit, and the lack of it exhibits a resistance to the Spirit in the particular situation you’re facing. We did an entire series on what Love Is, and it included a post about Patience … Continue reading

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Love is….not resentful

Resentful means easily provoked to anger or irritable; this is the word mentioned right before in this scripture passage (1 Corinthians 13:4-7), and the word we discussed on Friday.  So why is it mentioned twice?  Most likely because we might … Continue reading

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