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Mark Your Calendar + Lighten Up Challenge

Ladies and Gentlemen, We’re about to engage in a race together around a very familiar track – LIFE.  We take a lap a day, and it can become quite predictable for all of us.  We have decided to add to … Continue reading

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Freebie Friday : A Challenge That Will Make You…

…LAUGH! That’s right!  How would you like to take us up on a challenge to look at the lighter side of life – to actually (LOL) laugh out loud, when you would normally react in anger? It’s a simple challenge … Continue reading

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Four For A Dollar

It was the week of Thanksgiving, and I was set on trying a new creamed corn recipe for the holiday.  Having a large extended family I was going to need a lot of corn – 24 ears to be exact.  … Continue reading

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Project 52: A Home Run!

This week’s date was a home run. Since Tom has been sick with pneumonia he’s had his fill of medications.  The Bible says that laughter does a soul good – like medicine, so this week we planned for laughter and … Continue reading

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Freebie Friday: E.G.G.s

Okay – first we must tell you – yesterday’s post on McRomance Cafe’ coming to McDonalds was completely an April Fools joke! Of our many hits yesterday only a few of you clicked on the link to get your free … Continue reading

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Perfect Harmony

We decided to post a bonus this Saturday, since we’ve just celebrated 31 years – this couple has been married exactly twice as long – 62 years!  Watch how they harmonize and make it look adorable!  Although he knocks her … Continue reading

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Take Your Medicine

The Bible says in Proverbs, “A merry heart does good, like medicine”.  How true! It seems to us that life has been quite serious as of late.  We are busy comforting those who have lost loved ones, helping those who … Continue reading

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Freebie Friday – Timely Advice

Since Christmas is only 6 weeks away we thought it would be a great Freebie reminder to watch this hilarious video!  Have a wonderful weekend!

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Communication Trouble…No Wonder!

Below is an excerpt from Mark Gungor’s comedy routine, and it will certainly make you laugh.  Left to ourselves this is true about how men and women communicate, but we can change for God’s glory.  Be sure to check out … Continue reading

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We Interrupt This Countdown…

We had to interrupt this countdown with the following video.  Although hilarious – it’s our hope that we can help many avoid such a severe trial!  Be sure to come back on Monday when we’ll offer our final two D.R.A.B. … Continue reading

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