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Being Honest

For communication to work well in marriage it requires a commitment to honesty. But not just dumping honest words in your spouse’s lap; that’s not kind nor smart. Many misinterpret the scripture, “speaking the truth in love” to mean saying … Continue reading

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Physical Intimacy – Three Aspects of a Healthy Sex Life

Three of the most important aspects of a healthy physical relationship is a willingness to be vulnerable, honest and trustworthy with each other. * Vulnerable Dr. Leman says, “Most men don’t realize, psychologically, how vulnerable a naked woman can feel. … Continue reading

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Vintage Post – The Verbs Of Your Marriage

(Originally posted on August 21, 2014) I love words and how they have power to help us understand our marriage. Most of us don’t give much thought to the words we use and why. But we should. Words reveal. Words … Continue reading

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Honestly, Honesty is Hard

The title says it all. In our last post we shared that honesty was an attribute of a healthy marriage. We received lots of comments about how difficult this is to do. Billy Joel sings it well… If you search … Continue reading

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Attributes of a Healthy Marriage – Honesty

At the start of this post, I need to make it clear that there are two types of honesty that can impact a marriage–the healthy kind (which we’ll discuss in today’s post), and the unhealthy kind. The unhealthy kind chooses … Continue reading

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When Honesty Hurts

We all know that honesty is the best policy when it comes to business, social media, and acquaintances. But what about marriage? What if the words you need to say are going to hurt your spouse? Like confessing sins committed … Continue reading

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