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10 Things My Mom’s Death Taught Me

My Mom’s estate sale was this past weekend. It was another layer of letting go, and it wasn’t easy–not that I thought it would be. Things are not special. They wear out, rust, decay and break. But the memory of … Continue reading

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Part 1 – I’m Exhausted

It’s amazing how much energy is required to raise a family, yet with each baby that’s born time doesn’t slow down. It marches on whether you’re in step or not. How can a couple continue to make the most of … Continue reading

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Legacy of Marriage

We do well to take thought of how our marriage and our commitment to it influences the lives and choices our children and their children will make. Today was her day for all of her 90 years. My grandmother was … Continue reading

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Faithful In All Seasons

When we first said, “I do,” it was easy to be faithful in all things, because our love was fresh and new. We were like the leaves on the vine in spring. There was promise of life to come and … Continue reading

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Childproof Your Home Not Your Heart

Our home is not as childproof as it once was. It doesn’t have to be, but this fact is what requires me to pay closer attention when my grandchildren come for a visit. Childproofing our home is a good idea. … Continue reading

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